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Heavy Machines On The Rise

I’ve decided to start listing some heavy machinery photos.  Most of them will be of industrial manufacturing, such as metal stamping presses, plastic injection machines, forklifts, die handlers and related equipment.  Much of it will be larger stuff.  For some reason I really like the heavy duty big machines and equipment.  Even the railway and ocean going equipment is pretty good to photography.  Old warehouses and factories are some of my other favorites to capture.

Heavy lifts with hydraulic gantry cranes, overhead bridge cranes, mobile cranes and track types are pretty interesting as well (maybe even throw in a few photo’s of lifts gone bad, those are always interesting).  It seems that the manufacturing industry is on it’s way up.  From what companies are telling me, orders are up and they are buying machines.  Of course, there are a handful owners that have said they are slow, but not many.  It looks like the tough thing for them to now find is used machinery for sale.  So much of it was scraped during the last several years, that its made them hard to come by.  Especially large stamping presses.  With the price of scrap steel so high at the time, many were destroyed.  The funny thing is, those same machines are worth huge dollars now.

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